There’s a fashion nowadays for belief in how to become “fluent” in 3 months. I don’t have to remind you, it’s just standing in a busy train station, talking to random people in a foreign country, until you’re able to talk with them fluently.

You can make some progress that way. Perhaps it works for some people. To some degree.

But it leaves out a lot of conversation and vocab.

I prefer a more organized method. And a less extroversion-heavy method:

The whole point of learning foreign languages is to enjoy the process. The stress and hassle of approaching stranger after stranger in a busy square or train station prevents much enjoyment.

Anyway, is what works for me.

The lessons are thorough. They involve natural conversation. The vocabulary is full, well chosen, complete. Above all, it’s available in their turn-key spaced repetition program. So, you never have to wonder what you should study next.