The Introvert Fantasy about Language Learning That’s True

Introverts believe learning a foreign language will give them access to friends and social interactions that aren’t possible in their home culture. That’s actually true, in my experience. Without getting into tedious definitions and evaluations of what Introversion is, I’m just going to stipulate that, while I’m not shy (shyness isn’t equal to introversion), I […]

The Intrinsic Pleasure of Japanese Vocabulary Success at Last

  I don’t have a long post today, or a screenshot yet (that’s coming later today), but I was just now struck with an emotion I believe it’s important to relate. It’s important relate because emotion is a huge motivation for discretionary spending of time.  Foreign language learning represents an enormous outlay of discretionary time. […]

One Easy Trick to Find Example Sentences for Any Japanese Word

When studying vocabulary with a flash card set, you sometimes run into a translation which is ambiguous. For example, the Japanese kogitte, or, in hiragana, こぎって。The English translation is “check.” Does that mean “check” as in a quick examination? As in sound check? Or does it mean “check” as in a written instrument of payment? As […]

Keyboard shortcuts for flashcards at,, and all the rest of the websites

        The spaced interval flash cards at,, and all the rest of the sites, are incredibly valuable and efficient for learning the first 2,000 words of a new language rapidly, efficiently, and permanently. They’re even easier to use if you know keyboard shortcuts. The keyboard shortcuts aren’t easy to […]