One weird trick helps you download French language fluency into your brain.

I’ve sketched in some detail how I’m learning French rapidly now. See the sketch of the overall workout regimen here.

Below, find a tantalizing snapshot showing in detail how I create personal Anki flash cards from‘s irreplaceable curriculum.

I create my personalized Anki decks from the example sentences and English translations found in the vocabulary flash cards.

The point is this: instead of just seeing words in flash cards (good, and invaluable), I see sentences in flash cards. So I have to learn to produce French sentences quickly.

While it’s true that they are “always the same” sentences in the flash cards, that’s not very relevant. The reason it’s not relevant is I’m up to over 500 sentence flash cards now, and just getting started. I’m not memorizing phrases. Rather, I’m internalizing grammar, vocabulary, and usage.

This mode of study was never available before in the history of humankind. Today’s technology makes it newly possible this century.

For me that’s a lucky thing, as I doubt I’d ever be able to acquire fluency in a foreign language without it. (Like most of us, I can’t at the moment afford the time or money required to move to a foreign country for three months, just to learn a language.)






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