One Easy Trick to Find Example Sentences for Any Japanese Word

one easy trick

When studying vocabulary with a flash card set, you sometimes run into a translation which is ambiguous. For example, the Japanese kogitte, or, in hiragana, こぎって。The English translation is “check.”

Does that mean “check” as in a quick examination? As in sound check?

Or does it mean “check” as in a written instrument of payment? As in a personal check?

Encountering the word for the first time as a new student of Japanese, you have no way of knowing, given the limited information on the flash card. And so you’re in a bit of a quandary. It’s hard to go full steam ahead with memorizing one or the other meanings when you’re so in doubt, and indeed it would be foolish.

But how to know, quickly, without risking a rabbit-chase through google?

The video below shows you a fast trick to very quickly nail down the basic meaning of any Japanese word. Follow the method in the video and you’ll have your answer in seconds, authoritatively, and without sorting through frustrating lists of google results.


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