My French Fluency Workout Plan for Mastering’s Newbie Season 2 in One Week Max

Report Card Jan 24 2016
The days studied indicate a month’s record. (Anki doesn’t allow you to select only the past week.) But looking over the past five days, you can see the numbers more or less clearly. (For the past week’s results, you’ll need to look at the numbers on the left side of the chart, “Answers,” not the numbers on the right side, “Cumulative Answers.”

It took longer than I expected, but I’ve mastered Newbie Season 2 in about seven days.

(I expected it to take three days, but I was unable to spend enough time all in three days, because life.)

There’s another, happier reason it took so long.

That reason is: I added a lot more material to the Anki deck than I’d planned. Instead of adding to my Anki flash card deck only bits and pieces of the conversations in, I added every example sentence in the lesson notes.

The net difference was about triple or quadruple. Instead of about 50 items, I added close to 200 items.

Each item is at least one sentence. (Vocabulary words are in the self-contained spaced repetition flash card program, so there’s no need to add those to Anki.)

Each sentence added to the Anki flash card deck is something right from the curriculum of Newbie Season 2 of

Why is that important?

It’s highly important, because each sentence is an organized part of a massive, well-planned, whole.

That in turn is important because here in about three months, when I’ve gone through my French workouts designed to download into my brain about one season of per week, I’ll be perfectly fluent in basic French, without any awful gaps in my knowledge.

The system is a professionally-created, always-growing, carefully cross-referenced, steadily-built-up knowledge of essential French vocabulary, functional structures, and explicit grammar.

Back to this week’s report card.

I took 7 days to do what I’d planned to do in 3.

But 7 days or 3 days, it hardly makes much difference. I’ve acquired more fluency in French in the last 7 days of my “workout” method than I’d acquired in years of fitful false starts using traditional language study methods.

As you know if you’ve read previous posts, I’m not a naturally exceptional language learner — no faster or slower than average, and perhaps a little slower.

As you also know, the new technology available in and in Anki flash card decks has put my French fluency acquisition on steroids.

The effect of the new technology, and the simple method I’ve created for myself, has been astounding to me.

You should try it yourself, if you want a quick path to fluency in three months, or two months, or less.

I’m very confident you’ll get a lot more fluency than you ever did before with traditional methods or with the recent craze for absolute immersion.

(Unlike the Irish polyglot’s fluencyin3months method, you won’t have to do the impossible: i.e., move to a foreign country for three months, immerse yourself in a language, put on funny hats and talk to random people, and hope you “pick up the language” efficiently and thoroughly, without any gaps in your basic knowledge.)

With my method, you can pretty much “download” into your brain, rep by rep workout by workout, and speak fluently from the material you’ve studied.

You should especially give it a go if, like me in the past, you’ve found acquiring real fluency in a language extremely challenging, no matter what you’ve tried before.

You can try for free. You can also use Anki for free.

Just using one or the other, or Anki, won’t, so far as I can tell, get you the results I’ve gotten.

But if you use both together, I feel very confident you’ll be speaking French spontaneously and fluently, using 100% of the knowledge you get from an entire season of, within three days.

I’d “studied” various foreign languages for years, without much to show for it in the way of fluency.

But using the new technologies in and, together with self-created Anki flash card decks, and the automatically-generated, free AwesomeTTS audio snippets, my fluency has truly taken off.

What do I mean by fluent?

Well, I mean that I can fluently use any vocabulary, grammar structure, or functional language in Newbie Season 1 (three days to master using my method) or Newbie Season 2 (seven days to master using my method).

I’m working on videos and refined step-by-steps describing my evolving method, and will post them here on this blog in coming days and weeks. Until then, see the first-look report of how I’ve finally been able to get fluent:

How to master an entire season of in two days



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