Keyboard shortcuts for flashcards at,, and all the rest of the websites



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keyboard shortcuts for flash cards at languagepod101


The spaced interval flash cards at,, and all the rest of the sites, are incredibly valuable and efficient for learning the first 2,000 words of a new language rapidly, efficiently, and permanently. They’re even easier to use if you know keyboard shortcuts. The keyboard shortcuts aren’t easy to find in the official help files, so I’ve made a list of them below:

Keyboard Shortcuts (all letters are lowercase; make sure your caps lock is off)

Keyboard shortcuts on the FRONT side of the card

Space bar = flip a card from front to back

j = play or replay audio.


Keyboard shortcuts on the BACK side of the card

s or k = “Didn’t know” the answer. Reschedules it for the current deck and schedules it to appear again very soon.

d or l = I know the answer “Ok”

f = I know the answer “Well” (Unfortunately there isn’t one for the right hand.)

e or i = toggle on or toggle off example sentences

a or j = play or replay audio

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