Japanese Vocabulary Challenge Day 100

74 percent japanesepod


Fell way behind after day 59, when I was at 1% per day.

It’s now Day 100 and I’m at “only” 74% of a 2,000 word vocab pack at JapanesePod101.com.

No fault of theirs or this method for learning Japanese vocabulary fast. The spaced repetition software and technique works well. I just haven’t been able to put in the time every day.

Even when you fall behind using a spaced repetition technology, it puts a floor under your failure. It knows exactly where you left off and which words you most need to review to get right back into it.

I can feel the increased weight of the vocabulary I’m retaining (and trying to retain). The more a given spaced repetition deck you learn, the more you need to review. It does get automatic and in that sense “light”, after a while. But in the gray area between learning and knowing it well, the weight you’re carrying seems to increase.

Still learning and retaining Japanese vocabulary at an exponentially faster rate than ever before.

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