How to Create an AnkiWeb Account, Install Anki on iPhone, and Sync All The Decks

Using Anki on your iPhone or Android device, not just on your home computer, is an important step to maximizing your foreign language fluency. The more places you can work out, the more you’ll work out. The more you work out, the better your fluency. Here’s step-by-step how to manage it. I’m assuming these prerequisites: You’ve already […]

One weird trick helps you download French language fluency into your brain.

I’ve sketched in some detail how I’m learning French rapidly now. See the sketch of the overall workout regimen here. Below, find a tantalizing snapshot showing in detail how I create personal Anki flash cards from‘s irreplaceable curriculum. I create my personalized Anki decks from the example sentences and English translations found in the […]

How an introvert can master an entire season of in two days

  It sounds bold, but it’s true: you really can master an entire season of in just one or two days, using this method. How does it work so well? One reason is focus: you’ll focus only on direct French listening and responding. (No writing, no reading, no grammar-parsing, no listening to perfect explanations.) A […]

Area man masters 143 French survival phrases from in two days, and here’s how he did it

Those who know me, including myself, can assure you my memory isn’t remarkably good. But with the help of spaced repetition flash card technology at and Anki, my memory was able to master 143 French survival phrases in just under two days. The total study time was about four hours. Presented with an English […]

How NOT to use the Anki spaced repetition flash card app to learn French grammar

How not to study grammar As a language teacher with over a decade’s experience in Nagoya, Japan, English conversation schools, and in U.S. classrooms, I’ve seen this killer mistake over and over in students’ personal study strategies. It’s this: memorizing grammatical rules, or rules of usage, as if you can reference them on the fly. It’s […]

Can you master 140 or more French survival phrases in just two days?

Learning vocabulary (survival phrases are a kind of vocabulary, in my opinion) is incredibly fast with spaced repetition flash cards. It’s technologically-aided memorization, and it’s the difference between riding a horse and driving a car. No time here to go into details of why. See this post if you want the low down on spaced […]