40% of Frenchpod101.com 2,000 Word Vocabulary Spaced Repetition Card Deck September 17 2017

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For years I couldn’t learn French vocabulary. I’d make lists, make cards, buy cards, and nothing really would stick.

Especially over time, the vocabulary would evaporate.

Frenchpod101.com changed everything. The reason is their turn-key system of spaced-repetition vocabulary study.

It automatically serves up the cards I need when I need them.

So, I pretty much never forget a word. It’ll remind me just when the average human brain would start to forget. Even a year or more from the last time I studied it.

It also allows me to push through the “natural” spaced-repetition schedule limits when I choose to. So, I’m free to accelerate the process and install hundreds or thousands of words in my brain, so to speak, early. (Then maintain them.)

Percent of French Vocab learned as of September 17 2017

Learn French Fast at FrenchPod101.com.

See the progression plotted below:

How Fast Can You Learn French Vocabulary, 2,300 words total?


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