42% of Frenchpod101.com 2,300 Word Vocabulary Spaced Repetition Card Deck September 18, 2017


September 17, 2017 – 40% of 2,300 words

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Even mnemonics doesn’t really hold a candle to spaced-repetition flash cards programs.

This technology, spaced-repetition flash card technology, wasn’t widely available before about 2010, in a big way. It automatically serves up a given flash card just when the average human brain would begin to forget it.

This is the vocabulary learning equivalent of just-in-time-delivery. In fact, it’s part of a thing: Just In Time Learning.

The flash card section here is like a computer program that essentially programs your brain with French vocabulary.

Added 2% of 2300 words in a single day. That’s 46 words socked away. The program will make sure you never forget. This program works.


See the progression plotted below:

How Fast Can You Learn French Vocabulary, 2,300 words total?

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